Books for Beginners

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Mon May 20 13:34:30 EDT 2002


You might also consider Ward Power's book, Learn to Read the GNT. I have
been preparing to teach a beginners NT Greek course using his book and it
has proven to be a helpful and challenging refresher. Dr. Power's book takes
a more linguistic approach to language that adds another layer of knowledge,
which is the challenging part, but it is also what makes the text useful. I
think it has helped me to gain a broader understanding of a language that
I've worked on and off to learn for many years. 

I think that Wenham's text, Elements of NT Greek, is also very good. But I
think that Dr. Power's text will get you up to speed in the Greek NT more

Any thoughts from others on this topic? 

Chris Lang
Xenos Christian Fellowship
Columbus, Ohio

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