Vine's Expository Dictionary

Gene Baker ekbaker at
Mon May 20 09:17:52 EDT 2002


  Since the action is a little slow on your topic, I will venture an

  I considered buying Vine's quite a few years ago, and since my budget was
limited, decided against it.  My reasoning was that I already had books
which went into greater detail, and since I could read the language
(admittedly with some lack of speed) other books would better serve my

  IMHO it has its place in the library, and can be a helpful tool for the
student who is limited his ability to work in Greek.  The main danger I see
with tools such as Vine's - and Strong's, as well - is that of the user
attempting to re-translate the NT using such tools, and plugging in other
possible meanings of a given word, without understanding the grammar.  There
is some strange, and not-too-wonderful, "exegesis" floating around the web
as a result of that method.  OTOH,  I think it is better to have a simple
tool I use than a sophisticated piece of equipment that stays in the

  Gene Baker
  Sterling, IL

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