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At 12:25 AM -0400 5/20/02, Harry W. Jones wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Would anyone on the list be willing to comment on the usefulness of Vine's
>> Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words?  How would you rate this as a
>> study resource?  If it is a useful resource, what is the best way to use it?
>> Are there any typical misuses of this book by pastors and laymen?
>> Thanks,
>> Neal Stublen
>> Newark, DE
>Dear Neal,
>I dare say Neal that your NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert would not
>Vine's dictionary as vary high.Probably not even in the ball game. Of
>I'm no NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert. The books considered
>are in order of acceptability, Liddell&Scott 9th edition, BDAG and
>Semantic Domains by Louw&Nida. Also Thayer is another lexican that is not
>It could be said that any use of Vine's would be a misuse since it isn't
>considered authoritative. It seems to put too much weight on etymology as

The rhetoric and innuendo are pretty clear here: there's a dichotomy of
"them" ("YOUR NT Greek scholars/NT Greek experts") and "us/me" (who have no
authority but are/am nevertheless free from the prejudices of the NT
scholarly establishment which decides what is acceptable and what is
unacceptable, and since we/I are/am free from bias, we/I can be trusted to
speak FOR the "NT Greek scholars/NT Greek experts"). It's not as if we are
ALL learners of Greek, some of us having worked longer at it than others,
nor is it the case that some reference works have won a (relatively) more
authoritative status relative to others because of what users discern as
more useful and trustworthy information. It might be more useful--and it
would certainly be more in keeping with list guidelines, to offer one's own
opinion on a question like this AS one's own opinion and to add some
reasons WHY one thinks as one does think about this question. Might we
offer our opinions, please, without calling attention to the "chip(s) on
our shoulder(s)"?

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