Vine's Expository Dictionary

Harry W. Jones hjbluebird at
Mon May 20 00:25:32 EDT 2002

> Hello,
> Would anyone on the list be willing to comment on the usefulness of Vine's
> Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words?  How would you rate this as a
> study resource?  If it is a useful resource, what is the best way to use it?
> Are there any typical misuses of this book by pastors and laymen?
> Thanks,
> Neal Stublen
> Newark, DE

Dear Neal,

I dare say Neal that your NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert would not
Vine's dictionary as vary high.Probably not even in the ball game. Of
I'm no NT Greek scholar or NT Greek expert. The books considered
are in order of acceptability, Liddell&Scott 9th edition, BDAG and
Semantic Domains by Louw&Nida. Also Thayer is another lexican that is not

It could be said that any use of Vine's would be a misuse since it isn't
considered authoritative. It seems to put too much weight on etymology as

I hope this helps Neal,

Harry Jones

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