Acts 16:25

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Heb 2:12 also has HUMNEW with an accusative (the only other transitive
instance in the NT, I think).  I found it interesting that in both the NIV
and NASB the accusative there is rendered along the lines of 'about' rather
than 'to'.  "sing your praises" rather than "sing praises to you".  (and yet
both of those translations render the same construction as 'to' in Acts 16.)

In speach verbs like LEGW, if you wanted to speak 'to God' you would use
dative, rather than accusative, and if you wanted to speak 'about God' you
would use accusative (or PERI+Genitive, but never genitive alone).  An
example of this is is John 8:27.  Jesus speaks to them (dative) about the
father (accusative).

So if humnew functions like legw, then a good argument could be made for
'about' (as it is translated in Heb 2:12), but if HUMNEW allways takes an
accusative as its indirect object (as BAGD describes) then 'to' is correct,
and the above translations made some error in Heb 2:12.

Vincent Setterholm

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Since the object TON QEON is in the accusative case, rather than the
genitive, I would think that they were singing to God.

Wayne Leman
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> Does it mean they sung unto God or about God?
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