[b-trans] Fw: Virus found

Jonathan Burke jburke at sprint.com.au
Fri May 17 23:02:48 EDT 2002

Hi Peter,

I received the following today, 18/5/02.  I think it's authentic. Sorry for
the inconvenience.

To all on this list,

This is what is known as a 'social virus'.  It is a hoax.  The file it asks
you to delete is a standard Windows file.  It's actually making you the
virus, by getting you to delete components of your own software.

There are a number of these running around.  Please don't delete anything
from your harddrive in this way, even if you're asked really nicely.

For more information on this social virus:


For a checklist of the most common virus hoaxes:


Jonathan Burke.

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