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Fri May 17 03:00:21 EDT 2002

shalom Luke, 

Just a thought for comparison and musing:

> I learned more from Mounce in 2
>months than two years of class under Davis's grammar.

Glad to hear your learning so much and getting it inside you. 
May it increase in blessings for you.

A thought in a different direction:
People that study other European languages for two years in 
effective programs like Goethe Institute for German or Alliance 
Francaise for French are able to pray reasonably expressive, simple
prayers in the language if they wanted to. Naturally, this helps their 
reading, too. Language learning "snowballs", especially when all of the 
ingredients are included.
Have you tried praying in Greek? 
Have you noticed anything?


Randall Buth
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Luke Hartman
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