Books for Beginners

Luke Hartman lkh at
Fri May 17 00:23:37 EDT 2002


As one who is a Greek beginner myself, I have both books you asked about.
Both are definitely worth having for a good grasp of the language. You need
to start with Basics of Biblical Greek until you can do the exercises and do
some reading through 1 John or the Gospel of John. Dr. Mounce has a good
writing style and his book is very easily to follow -- many say it is the
best beginner's grammar out there.

After you get a grasp of what the language is about and understand it's
forms and a good grasp of vocabulary (and you can never know too much
vocabulary!), then you should move on to Dr. Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond
the Basics. Dr. Wallace is regarded as an authority on syntax by many on
this list (though they don't all agree, he is quoted often). Wallace will
give you more than you can digest on different forms and constructions and
cites many different textual examples for the various forms. It is a great
volume to have to work from and refer to for serious exegesis and study.

That's what this beginner thinks...I learned from a grammar from the 1920's
by Davis, and I threw it away and bought Mounce's book at a discount store
for $8, and it was worth every penny -- I learned more from Mounce in 2
months than two years of class under Davis's grammar.

Luke Hartman
Hopeful Greek Nerd

P.S. Mounce has a website that has a good summary of Greek as well as a
downloadable vocabulary program (
P.P.S. The cheapest site I know of for these books is 

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