Lexical Semantics Methods

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Wed May 15 23:26:53 EDT 2002

> Just finished reading H.S. Baldwin's treatment* of AUQENTEIN. The
> marshalling of evidence was perhaps more awesome than the argument. Never
> seen so much evidence brought to bear on a single word. There were points in
> Baldwin's argument where I thought he might not have done enough reading on
> lexical semantic theory but just when I was about to nail him he always
> corrected his course.

One theoretical problem I had with Baldwin's analysis was his use of the
concept of "core meaning" in reference to AUQENTEIN. I found this link on
prototype theory which discusses core meaning.


I still have reservations about this concept. Clearly there are cases where
a single member of a words semantic domain may bear no apparent relationship
what so ever to the other members of the domain. With the word AUQENTEIN the
late attested sense of "murder" seems somewhat difficult to attach to the
core meaning of "athority."

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