Troels Hansen tkmh at get2net.dk
Wed May 15 14:22:38 EDT 2002

Aarhus, Denmark, May 15. 2002.

Dear Sirs!

You, Iver Larsen, ask me, why I "suggest that the metaphorical milk be
the living stone, Christ?" and continue: "You cannot drink a stone.
Would Christ not be the source of the metaphorical milk, the LOGOS as
John calls him, and therefore likened to the implied mother who
provides the milk? The OT forefathers did get something to drink from
a stone that was likened to Christ, so it seems logical to suggest
that the stone=Christ is the source of the "milk" rather than the milk
I don't follow you. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see any other
option. First, this "LOGIKON )ADOLON GALA" is the means of growing TO
must mean that "(O KURIOS" has been tasted by the elected ones and
found to be all right. Had you asked me why I equate "(O KURIOS" with
"(O LIQOS ZWNTOS" I would have had to recur to the usual biblical way
of putting things; now I can point at the text in my Nestle and say:
"Is it not what the text says?"

Allow me repeat myself: If A and B are related in a certain way we may
write R(A,B). And if C and D are related in the same way and we
therefore may write R(C,D) then D may be called C's LOGIKOS B.
Now, I'm not saying that this my understanding is infallible. When I
prefer 'angemessen' or 'corresponding' then it's not that this
possibility is in my opinion the correct one, - it is not, as no other
suggestions are, and that goes for Louw-Nida too - it's just that we
might say that as B corresponds to A so does D correspond to C and
that therefore B is C's LOGIKOS D. But this "double correspondence" is
not encapsulated in 'corresponds' - at least, it's not so in Danish -
which is why that translation will have to go too. But, striving on in
my errant ways, just as Christ is the elected ones' 'LOGIKOS' milk, so
are the elected ones Christ's 'LOGIKOS' newborn babies - as the Romans
are 'LOGIKOS' Israelites when offering their bodies.

And that's all for now.


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