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BlankI'm curious about the translation of SUNTROFOS in the ESV, NRSV, NEB and the Amplified, which render the term as "..a member of the court..."  BAGD defines the term as "nourished or brought up together with, familiar, on friendly terms, foster-brother, companion, intimate friend,"  and other translations have "..brought up with.." (NASB, NIV, KJV) and "..foster brother.." (Recovery Version, and my Greek-English Interlinear).  I'm guessing that "..a member of the court.." is not so much a translation of the term as it is a logical extension of the relationship between Manaen and Herod the tetrarch.  That is, if Manaen's relationship with Herod was so close that it could be described as SUNTROFOS, he must have been "..a member of the court.."  Am I mistaken?

Many thanks.

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