Lexical Semantics Methods

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Wed May 15 01:14:40 EDT 2002

Just finished reading H.S. Baldwin's treatment* of AUQENTEIN. The
marshalling of evidence was perhaps more awesome than the argument. Never
seen so much evidence brought to bear on a single word. There were points in
Baldwin's argument where I thought he might not have done enough reading on
lexical semantic theory but just when I was about to nail him he always
corrected his course. His methodology is generally sound and this an example
of how this sort of thing needs to be done.

Anyway, this is now an old book but for some of you new arrivals it is a
good book to look into if you want to see serious NT Greek exegesis at work.

*Chapter 3 and appendix #2 in: "Women in the Church -- A Fresh Analysis of 1
Timothy 2:9-15" edited by Andreas Kostenberger, Thomas Schreiner, and H.
Scott Baldwin Baker, 1995

By the way, you may have difficulty finding it in a college library. SPU
didn't have it and only 1 of the 18 institutions in the ORBIS consortium had
it. This is a book that has been banned by the thought police so it is
required reading for anyone who refuses to let the thought police dictate
what they will read. I got a copy through ILL.

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