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Liddell Scott does list one instance of Petros used in profane literature to
mean a boulder (since it is large enough to serve as a landmark).

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Matt 7:24,25; Lu 6:48(2) - the foundation upon which a house is built
Matt 27:60 - a rock large enough to hew a sepulcher out of
In L&S, "Ion. and Ep. PETRH, H, a rock, a ledge or shelf of rock, Od. 2. a
rock, i.e. a rocky peak or ridge, Hom;


Not used in the NT except of Peter.
In L&S, "a stone, distinguished from PETRA (v. sub.voce); in Hom., used of
KINHSAI PETRON.  If you study profane literature, it's very obvious that
PETROS is a stone small enough to be thrown by hand or slingshot or used for
stoning someone.  You can use the Perseus site to verify this.

What Carl said is accurate (not that Carl needs a defense.)

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>      Can you cite any passages that support a semantic
> difference between Petros and Petra?

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