Romans 3:23 - USTEROUNTAI

William Skinner thucy72 at
Tue May 14 17:44:31 EDT 2002

I'm new here, but this is such an interesting thread,
I just had to jump in ;).  

In response to Jeff's question as to which reading is
better, I think you'd have to say #2.  I don't think
you can construe a causal link from KAI.  Doesn't KAI
just mean "and"? 

Another question... what do you all think DOXA means
in this passage?  I thought its basic meaning was
"reputation; how one seems to others".  Hence good
reputation, or glory.  Yet the idea of God having a
reputation seems kinda funny, no? 

I look forward to hearing all of your thoughts.


Will Skinner

> At 11:27 AM -0400 5/14/02, Jeff Young wrote:
> >Hello all. A question regarding Romans 3:23.
> >
> >
> >("For all have sinned and fall short of the glory
> of God")
> >
> >Excuse me if this is an "interpretive" question
> rather than a BG question
> >(I'm not trying to raise any theological issues). I
> am wondering how
> >hUSTEROUNTAI should be taken here.
> >
> >I have come across a couple of views on this:
> >1) hUSTEROUNTAI is connected with HMARTON. It is a
> result of all having
> >sinned. That is, "since all have sinned, they fall
> short."
> >
> >2) hUSTEROUNTAI is a separate point. That is, "all
> have sinned (aorist) and
> >are presently continuing to fall short" (Given the
> present tense).
> >
> >Is there anything, grammatically, that favors one
> over the other (or perhaps
> >a third option).

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