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Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Tue May 14 04:55:37 EDT 2002

At 04:45 14/05/02, Kevin W. Woodruff wrote:

>I think you are referring to Anthony Thiselton's magnum opus in the NIGTC
>Commentary series. It is a superb work of over 1400 pages making quite a
>hefty tome. It is detailed and has many helpful excures scattered
>throughout. It's not inexpensive, but is definitely something you ought to
>see about getting.

By a remarkable coincidence, this morning brings not only Kevin's 
recommendation but the weekly newsletter from the Review of Biblical 
Literature which lists, inter alia:

Thiselton, Anthony C. The First Epistle to the Corinthians: A Commentary on 
the Greek Text.
Review available on: http://www.bookreviews.org/Reviews/0802824498.html



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