Ge'enna & 'ades

Mark Wilson emory2oo2 at
Mon May 13 21:20:20 EDT 2002

Carl wrote:

Tartarus belongs to Greek cultural notions, not
>Hebraic ones,

Tartarus certainly was a predominant Greek notion, as
was hAiDHS, but the Hebrews were well aware of both ideas.
That is, Hebrews would have been very familiar with
the Greek Tartarus, as they were with the Greek hAiDHS.

Carl also wrote:

and in some instances hAiDHS seems to be a metaphor for
>death. I would simply suggest that those concerned with this issue check
>what BDAG and Louw & Nida offer for hAiDHS.

Generally hAiDHS is distinguished from QANATOS, as hAiDHS
was naturally understood as the "place" of the departed. But
just as we use the phrase today "go to hell," we mean "I wish
you would die," it is correct to say that hAiDHS would indeed
naturally lend itself to such a metaphor as "death."

I agree with Carl that going to BDAG and L&N would be most
helpful. But don't stop there. Use them for their references,
and then go to the original sources! I know I am preaching to
the choir, but I have found myself getting lazy and stopping
at BDAG or L&N as if they are the final word on a matter.

(I bring this up only because the last several "scholarly"
commentaries I have read have a tendency to quote contemporary
scholars on ancient matters, rather than going to the original
sources themselves..... Sorry for this pet peeve.)

Mark Wilson

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