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On Sun 12 May 2002 (23:22:28 +0200), tkmh at get2net.dk wrote:
> I know of no word in either English, German, or Danish that behaves in
> the way LOGIKOS does - given that it does behave in this way, which is
> after all still to be decided - but the German 'angemessen' seems to
> me to do better than other suggestions. 'Logical' may come close but
> is still too far off. But then again, English is not my mother tongue
> so I'll have to let the English and the Americans decide on that. (Why
> don't we have a word like 'logikosical'? That would solve all the
> problems!)

 Dear Troels

 CEB Cranfield has a useful note, IMHO. "... the word LOGIKOS, which the
 RV renders by 'spiritual' is something of a riddle. It only occurs twice in
 the New Testament, here [1 peter 2:2] and in Rom. 12:1, and not at all in
 the LXX. There is some evidence for the meaning 'spiritual' outside the
 Bible,, and it was a favourite word with the Stoics in the sense of
 'belonging to the LOGOS'. In Rom 12:1 it presumably means 'spiritual' as
 opposed to 'material' [1]; but in 1 Peter 2:2 there is much to be said for
 going back to the AV translation-- 'of the Word'; for we have just been
 hearing about the Word of God in 1:23-25, and it seems natural to connect
 LOGIKON in 2:2 with LOGOU in 1:23. This has the further advantage of giving
 a definite meaning, whereas 'the spiritual milk' is decidedly vague. So we
 venture to prefer the AV rendering here, and understand a reference to God's
 Word as the true milk [2], on which we are to be fed.
 [1] Unless it means 'intelligent'-- i.e. such as a true understanding of what
 God has done for us in Christ demands. (RV 'reasonable').
 [2] for the metaphorical use of 'milk', cf Isa 55:1, 1 Cor 3:2 etc."
 (CEB Cranfield, /The First Epistle of Peter/, London, SCM Press, 1950,
 page 45).

 My preference would be to understand LOGIKOS as 'rational': to do with the
 mind, and not to the body. This would suit the context of both Romans 12:1
 and 1 Peter 2:2.

 Just a thought.

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