LOGIKOS in Rom. 12:1 and 1.Pet. 2:2

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Sat May 11 08:28:09 EDT 2002

For what it's worth, there was, in my opinion, a pretty good thread on this
question in September of 1996 that may be followed in the archives. I was
thinking of copying my comment from then now, but why further clutter up
our already voluminous archives?

It began on September 24, 1996 with a message from Andrew Kulikowski and
three responses with the subject-header, "NIV translation of Romans 12:1"
and was continued, still on September 24, 1996, with a message from Paul
Evans  and two responses with subject-header, "Re.  Spiritual vs Reasonable
(Rom. 12:1)"

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