Verb patterns

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Fri May 10 15:46:22 EDT 2002

Apparently there are some veteran linguists-Hebrew scholars who have
reservations about A. Niccacci's treatment of the semantics of the verb.
This is all well and good. I am not a Hebrew scholar and cannot pass
judgement on these issues. However, for the reader of the LXX and also the
GNT A. Niccacci has some comments about the functional significance of
constituent order in narrative and discourse:

conj. -> X -> finite-verb
conj. -> finite-verb
clause initial:  wayehi (EGENETO)
. . .  etc.

These comments look like they are worthy of testing against the LXX and GNT
to see what, if any, application they might have to understanding high level
narrative/discourse structure in biblical greek.

I cannot comment on Niccacci's system as a whole. I don't pretend to
understand it. 



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