Beta-testing a New Textbook.

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As a "re-beginner" in Greek (??) after some years without using it (and a
long story), I would be happy to contribute.

Mike Allen

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USA in Minnesota

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Dear B-Greek Community,

I have a proposal which might interest one or more of you, and the list
moderators have kindly agreed that I could email the list with it.

I am currently writing an elementary Greek textbook for Cambridge University
Pres to replace the old faithful 'The Elements of New Testament Greek' by
J.W. Wenham. The new book is within the Wenham tradition (i.e. aimed only at
teaching the elements, grammar led, systematic) and in many ways is a
revision of Wenham for the 21st Century, although in fact has be written
from scratch, rather than from starting with the Wenham text.

The book is now in a draft format, and I have used it with both ministerial
and undergraduate students here in Oxford. I am now looking for other
teachers who are willing to use it (together with, hopefully, some software)
over the next year with their classes, and give feedback. All feedback is
good, but in particular I am concerned to get feedback from different
cultural/language groups. For example, I have already had to re-edit various
explanations or phrases because I am told they wouldn't mean anything to
Americans ('nations separated by a common language' and all that!).
Realistically it is a bit more effort for the teacher than just carrying on
as they are, but I would try to ensure it was not too much more.

Therefore I have three questions, you might want to consider.

1. If you teach NT Greek to beginners, would you be willing to consider
using the draft book in your classes next year? Obviously details would need
to be worked out, but are you interested?

2. Are you trying to learn Greek? Would you be interested in having a copy
of the draft book in exchange for giving me feedback on how you found it?
(Or indeed, even if you know Greek, if you would like to give me your views
on the draft, that would be excellent).

3. If the text of the draft were made available electronically in some
format, do you think that you and/or others would be interested in
discussing and commenting on the merits or failings of it, in a discussion
list type of format?

If you are interested in answering any of these three questions, it would be
best for you to email me direct (Jeremy.Duff at  Obviously
post to B-Greek if you want, but I don't think that it would be appropriate
this to dominate the list, though if others want a discussion here, then I
would be happy to oblige.

I am aware that this is all about getting others to help me. However, I hope
that it might catch some people's imagination, and the delete key is always
close at hand!

Many thanks


Dr Jeremy Duff
Tutor, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, U.K.

EMail: Jeremy.Duff at
Phone: 01865 274218
Postal Address: Dr Jeremy Duff, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, OX2 6PW, U.K. <>

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