Slave rowers

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    My guess is that this individual was referring to the old understanding (from
Thayer?) of the term hUPHRETHS.  This term actually means "servant," but is related
to hUPHRESIA, which originally referred to a body of rowers on a ship.  hUPHRETHS
just doesn't keep the original idea of rower, and certainly does not require the
"bottom-rung-kind-of-servant" understanding.
    I suppose that there could have been another word referred to by the person you
mention; however, this is the term which arises again and again in conversation.


waldo slusher wrote:

> I forgot to write down the word for a "slave rower".
> I heard a person talking about the different words for
> a slave, and he indicated that one of the words was
> used of a slave who sat in chains at the bottom tier
> of a ship and was forced to row. Can someone tell me
> that word in the greek.

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