Verb patterns

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This is very old news to the b-Hebrew people but might be of use to some
late arrivals to Biblical Greek studies.

If you want to understand the discourse level significance of verb patterns
in NT & LXX you certainly should read everything you can find by Alviero
Niccacci. A number of his articles are available on the web in .pdf format.

For example: *Niccacci's calls  wayehi "the supreme 'macro-syntactic sign'
of narrative." Luke's use of clause initial EGENETO appears to function on
the macro level in the manner defined by Niccacci.

*Alviero Niccacci, The Syntax of the Verb in Classical Hebrew Prose,
Sheffield, 1990, #28, p48f.

A. Niccacci, "Marked Syntactical Structures in Biblical Greek in Comparison
with Biblical Hebrew", _Liber Annuus_ (Studium Biblicum Franciscanum,
Jerualem) 43 (1993) 9-69.

This article (one of several) is available as a .pdf here:

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I did a little informal poll off list and found that some of our resident
linguists have not read this guy. Pretty amazing.

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