Perfective, Imperfective, and Iterative

Kimmo Huovila kimmo.huovila at
Thu May 9 12:16:18 EDT 2002

Mark Wilson wrote:

> The SINGLE CHAIN is portrayed as a UNIT!!, and in order to
> visualize the entire chain, from the first to last link,
> an Imperfective aspect best covers the entire chain, link by link.
> (The link by link corresponds to Wallace's dot by dot.) As
> Kimmo pointed out, each dot is a Perfective Action, but the
> whole is Imperfective. (Correct me if I am wrong Kimmo.)

I have one quibble. If you speak of the WHOLE chain, it implies that it 
is bounded and perfective. While linking the links together makes it 
imperfective, a chain with a beginning and an end is perfective again as 
you, metaphorically, cut the chain to a certain size. Of course you can 
still look at the (cut) chain focusing on the middle with the endpoints 
out of view. That would be imperfective. If this is what you mean by 
'link by link' above, then I agree. It is just because the words like 
SINGLE chain and UNIT sound more perfective to me than imperfective that 
I am not sure.

Kimmo Huovila

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