opening of Romans and definite articles

David Thiele thielogian at
Thu May 9 06:46:44 EDT 2002

Dear Paul,

On your second question: the mixed case in
illusionary.  IHSOUS does not fully decline.  IHSOU
serves as genitive, vocative or dative, depending on
the context.  In this case it is clearly dative
despite appearing genitive in form.

David Thiele
Pacific Adventist University
Papua New Guinea

--- ENS PJ Abshire USNR <paulsdomain at> wrote:
> Greetings all ~
> This is my first post.  A friend and I are going to
> read through some of Romans.  Looking at the
> greeting, I had the feeling that the presence or
> absence of definite articles for some of the nouns
> does not correspond one for one to the definiteness
> or indefiniteness of those nouns.  Is there some
> plasticicty here or not?
> Another (unrelated) question - what is the
> significance, if any, of the mixed case "EN IHSOU
> Thanks all, and especially to those who maintain
> this list.
> ENS Paul Abshire USN
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