Discourse Analysis

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I myself have a tremendous interest in Discourse Analysis as it 
has been a large part of my Greek studies here at The Criswell 
College.  I do have a couple of sources that have proven to be 
quite helpful:

The Semantic Structure of Written Communication by Beekman, Callow 
and Kopisec
  This work outlines the theoretical backbone of DA.

Semantics and Translation by Katherine Barnwell
  This work expands on the above and how DA affects translation 
written communication into receptor tongues.

SIL has also published a number of Semantic Analyses of different 
books and from this a reader can see the fruits of DA.

All are published by SIL International and available from 

In my studies, I have also discovered that Stanley Porter has a 
number of articles as well as essays available on it.  Jeffrey 
Reed's dissertation was a discourse analysis of Philippians and is 
downloadable.  I would also recommend "Intermediate New Testament 
Greek: A Linguistic and Exegetical Approach" by Richard Young
(published by Broadman and Holman) as it contains a chapter on 
discourse analysis and deals with some of the underlying 
linguistic theories throughout the book.

Mark Bahr
Graduate Assistant in Greek and New Testament
The Criswell College
Dallas, TX


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