datives and genitives translation studies updated

Wayne Leman wayne_leman at sil.org
Tue May 7 15:24:47 EDT 2002

I have just posted my latest updates to my evaluations of how datives and
genitives are translated in 16 of the most commonly used English versions. I
included information on how these forms function (semantic categories), so
these studies may be of interest to many of you. My studies benefitted
significantly from the previous work of Dan Wallace (GGBB) as well as an
article by Mark Strauss on how not to translate genitives. Strauss' article
is available in PDF format at URL:


or HTML format at:
(That's all one single line for your Internet browser)

Neither Prof. Wallace nor Prof. Strauss are responsible for any errors that
appear in my studies. I take responsibility for the errors, but hope to keep
improving these studies, including through getting feedback from others.

The number of examples of genitives studied has now reached 100. There are
89 datives studied so far. All of my charts are accessible from URL:


Please read the preface to each chart carefully to see what the studies are
about and what they are not about. I invite corrections and comments,
especially if the comments are about specific examples on the charts.

For those on the b-greek list, since translation of Greek forms is not a
focus of that list, please send any responses to me off-list.

Wayne Leman
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