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Mark Wilson emory2oo2 at
Fri May 3 15:24:58 EDT 2002

Clay wrote:

> > Yes, this was the main point. If you want to communicate an
> > iterative notion
> > in Koine you do it through lexical choice, not by inflection.

To which Iver appears to question whether iterative aspect should
more so be connected to inflection, not the lexeme, and wrote:

>Since iterative means repeated action, I am wondering whether the
>imperfective aspect would not be most suitable for an iterative sense? Of
>course, imperfective has other uses, but given the right context, I would
>expect a Greek imperfect tense.

Simply based on my understanding of iterative, I would be suprised
to find an interative aspect associated with the Imperfective tenses
more so than with the Perfective tenses. I would expect it to be
fairly equally distributed. I say this partly because you can find
the same verb with the same inflection in different contexts,
where one is not iterative and the other is. Would not the iterative
aspect be somewhat visually represented as this:

Imperfective verbal forms: __  __  __  __  __  __

Perfective verbal forms: .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .

I really do not think iterative aspect is a lexical idea, as per
Clay, nor do I think it is a morphological idea. It simply
must be a combination of the verbal components: context, lexeme,
and inflection. To attribute the iterative aspect to any one
of these seems incorrect.

My thoughts,

Mark Wilson

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