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Hello Manolis, 

You wrote:
> According to most Greek grammars, iteration in verbs (produced by other
> verbs) is regularly denoted by the suffixes -AZW, -IZW, -UZW . The ending
> -SKW is considered to denote the beginning of an action (that's why -SKW
> verbs are usually described as ENARKTIKA).

Smyth, Monro, Robertson all mention -SKO/SKE as an iterative suffix.
Robertson comments about IZW (pp.149, 351) saying that it has become so
common in the Koine that it no longer has an intensive, iterative or
causative force. He also seems to play down the significance of -SKO/SKE in
the Koine as an iterative suffix (p.352).

> However, no matter what the semantic aspects of -SKW might initialy have
> been, it certainly didn't function anymore as a productive suffix in NT
> Greek. As far as I know, this remark applies to any other verbal suffix as
> well.
Yes, this was the main point. If you want to communicate an iterative notion
in Koine you do it through lexical choice, not by inflection.



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