iterative -SKO, -SKE

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Thu May 2 14:08:02 EDT 2002

In another thread the subject of iterative verb forms came up. I spent an
hour looking into this question. It appears that Homer and Herodotus had a
suffix -SKO/E which served to mark a verb as iterative. However, by the
Hellenistic period things had changed.

DIDASKW in the NT & LXX still has this form but the suffix is not
"productive" and for that reason should not be regarded as an inflection. If
the suffix were productive we would see it attached to numerous verbs where
the iterative idea was required and we would see the same verb without the
suffix where iteration was not present. What we do find is that DIDASKW is
simply a word which includes iteration as a semantic component. The -SK is
not a portable component.

See Robertson pp. 150,352; Monro #48,#49; Smyth #495; Moulton p383.

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