Ephesians 4:26 [ORGIZESQE]

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As a new member of B-Greek I try to answer to Elijah Yoder on the above

ORGIZESQE is perhaps concessive imperative: "be angry (if you must) but do
not sin."
"Be angry" should be understood as the literal translation suggest us: "Be
you being made wrathful."

The Apostle Paul refers to Psalms 4:4 where the LXX has the same words. In
the New Testament ORGIZO is always in the middle or passive voice. - See Mt
18:34; 22:7; Rev. 11:18; 12:17.

The immediate context seems to suggest us that while a person may on
occasion be angry and sometimes justifiably so, he should not let it become
sin to him by harboring it or maintaining a provoked state. He should not
let the sun set with him in such a condition, for he would thereby allow
place for the Devil to take advantage of him. On the other hand,
disagreements should be handled immediately.

But also the general bible context seems to agree with this.
Compare Gen 30:2; 31:36; Ex 16:20; 1 Sam 18:10; 20:34; 25:31; 2 Sam 13:22;
Ps 4:4; 37:8; Eccl 7:9; Mt 5:22; Col 3:8; Jas 1:19...

Francesco Venale

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> I have two questions on this phrase, with the second one being the
> primary one.  The answer to the seond question, however, hinges on
> a person's answer to the first.
> (1)  Should ORGIZESQE be taken as a command -- "Be angry!" or
> should it be taken as a permissive imperative?  It seems to me that
> grammatically it can be taken either way and that one's theology will
> determine the answer given.
> (2)  If ORGIZESQE is taken as a command, is the following a
> grammatically possible interpretation:   "Be angry!  Stop this
> continuing sin (of not being angry)!"?  Does the Greek grammar and
> context allow (or support?) this interpretation?
> Elijah Yoder
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