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Thu Mar 28 23:41:28 EST 2002

on 3/28/02 10:37 AM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> Since when  has there been a complaint from list-administrators about
> absence of rough breathings and iota subscripts? I prefer to see them and I
> always write them myself when transliterating, but I don't think I've
> censured a failure to use them.


You are right. I have no memory of you are Carlton or Edward ever making a
big deal about rough breathings and iota subscripts. We do however have some
others on the list who have complained about lack of compliance and they
were making it sound like the only acceptable form of posting Greek was 100%
compliance. My response was to this perceived attitude.

It took me all day but I now have a fully automated means of converting NA27
to b-greek standard (100%). This is a lot more difficult that it sounds. You
have to try it to find out.



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