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Thu Mar 28 16:10:38 EST 2002

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> I repeat that, in my own view, transliterating the Greek one cites or
> raises questions about or comments upon is a matter of courtesy to
> other list-members. I personally think that pasting from a Greek text
> into ASCII equivalents in a message implies either an expectation that
> the reader has the same font in one's own operating system or that one
> doesn't care whether others can readily read that text or not. I would
> personally rather see an authentically-transliterated text in a
> message than a pasted text, and I tend, like George Somsel, to ignore
> a text that doesn't use SOME intelligible transliteration scheme.

first, in response to someones suggestion about unicode: NO!
i use pine for email on linux because it's easy to organize and much
easier on the eyes to read.  i could probably add unicode support to pine,
but those fancy scripts look horrible on a console (if you don't know what
i'm talking about, remember what a dos screen looks like, only better).

now, i would never copy and paste text with a greek script because *i*
couldn't read it if i did, and the unicode ones i have come out like this:

  ???? ?? ????????? ??? ????? ??? ????? ?????? ?? ?? ???????? ?????? ?
  ????????? ???????

yes, all i see are question marks as well.  it seems that this big stink
on transliteration comes from me not actually coping and pasting, but from
mentioning that i did, because i knew it wasn't the usual format.
however, i did copy and paste from a transliterated text (that's the only
way i could do it anyway) that fits the transliteration scheme found at and other places as well.  in fact, the only
difference is that it uses lowercase letters and 'v' for final sigma.
i don't see how anyone here could find that unintelligible.

nevertheless, i've now created b-greek texts in all caps with no
difference from medial and final sigma (but without {h} and {i}) from
which i can copy and paste (which i won't mention when i do it).

-dave willis

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