2 Cor. 5:10 KOMISHTAI

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> This actually ties into the question of FAULOS. I
> really do not
> understand why BDAG seems to be so "soft" on the
> word. One can
> hardly get the idea of "evil" out of "inferior in
> quality, ordinary."
> When was the last time you deemed something "evil"
> be virtue
> of it being "inferior in quality, ordinary" ?

I would only add that this word FAULOS was used to
describe a person as living a shameful life.
Demosthenes used this term to refer to a worthless

I think "evil" is much too strong for this word in the
GNT. As I see it, this word retained much of its
historical meaning, which I think has led BDAG to the
conclusion you have cited.


Alan B. Thomas

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 it must be rejected at all costs...."

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