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At 9:03 AM -0800 3/28/02, c stirling bartholomew wrote:
>on 3/27/02 11:35 PM, c stirling bartholomew wrote:
>> If you guys are going to get stuffy about rough breathings and iota
>> subscripts then you will be seeing a lot less quoted Greek.
>Hey, you guys are going to great lengths to solve a problem that could be
>solved by just dropping two requirements, breathings and iota subscripts.
>Everything else could be automated with relative ease and we could use the
>same existing transliteration scheme.

Since when  has there been a complaint from list-administrators about
absence of rough breathings and iota subscripts? I prefer to see them and I
always write them myself when transliterating, but I don't think I've
censured a failure to use them. What I've complained about is copying from
a Greek font in a Bible program and pasting it into an ASCII message, so
that the citation is not really a transliteration in any legitimate sense.

>I can write a macro in Nisus which will do an 100% automated conversion to
>the current standard including the breathings and iota subscripts from the
>Gramcord NA27. It will be a project of an hour or two but I can do it.
>However, what if I want to quote from the MajText or the TR, or 1Enoch,
>which do not have breathings and iota subscripts? I am up a creek. The
>people using the free e-texts without breathings and iota subscripts are
>also up a creek.
>I am not asking for nor do I want the b-greek rulers to make a big change in
>the way we do things. What I am asking for is a little tolerance.  I don't
>want to learn a new transliteration standard anymore than anyone else. The
>current one is difficult enough to read.

Well, when I've wanted to cite such material from Majority Text--or Homer
or Aeschylus or Plato, I've taken the time (and it's NOT been A LOT of
time) to type out the transliteration. I even did this BEFORE I retired and
had more time available. I don't consider this an onus but rather, as I've
said before, a courtesy to other list-members.

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