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on 3/27/02 11:35 PM, c stirling bartholomew wrote:

> If you guys are going to get stuffy about rough breathings and iota
> subscripts then you will be seeing a lot less quoted Greek.

Hey, you guys are going to great lengths to solve a problem that could be
solved by just dropping two requirements, breathings and iota subscripts.
Everything else could be automated with relative ease and we could use the
same existing transliteration scheme.

Here is the problem. An edit macro can automate search and replace on
characters like a final sigma or theta, but you can't search on  breathings
and iota subscripts when the are NOT there to begin with.

A lot of people on low budgets are using the free e-texts of the GNT which
do not have  breathings and iota subscripts. Furthermore  when you have
Accordance strip out the accents it also strips out the  breathings and iota

I can write a macro in Nisus which will do an 100% automated conversion to
the current standard including the breathings and iota subscripts from the
Gramcord NA27. It will be a project of an hour or two but I can do it.

However, what if I want to quote from the MajText or the TR, or 1Enoch,
which do not have breathings and iota subscripts? I am up a creek. The
people using the free e-texts without breathings and iota subscripts are
also up a creek.

I am not asking for nor do I want the b-greek rulers to make a big change in
the way we do things. What I am asking for is a little tolerance.  I don't
want to learn a new transliteration standard anymore than anyone else. The
current one is difficult enough to read.


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