Plain-text ASCII in AOL 7.0 (Windows)--AGAIN

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Thu Mar 28 07:28:14 EST 2002

I think I've asked this before, but since I'm not a Windows-user myself,
let me ask users of AOL 7.0 for Windows who have fixed their settings to
send plain-text ASCII only to explain as simply as possible how to do it. A
couple list-members complain that they can only make such a change for each
individual message and that the advice offered in our FAQ (#17) doesn't
work. Yet I have the impression that we have several list-members using AOL
7.0 for Windows that have no problem in comforming to our protocol
requiring all messages sent to the list to be written in plain-text ASCII

I'm not calling for a discussion of the wisdom of the protocol--that has
been under discussion among the moderators who at this point do not intend
to change the policy. I'm asking for helpful explanations from AOL users
who've managed to make the settings-change required for this.

Carl W. Conrad
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Department of Classics, Washington University (Emeritus)
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