Ephesians 4:26

Glenn Blank glennblank at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 27 15:53:05 EST 2002

>You know, I've been suspecting that there are certain differences between
>the English and the Greek grammatical terminology, which means that I
>cannot just translate the Greek terms in English without causing confusion
>to you and the other dear gentlemen.


Rest assured that we "dear gentlemen" even who share English often cause
quite a bit of confusion among ourselves with grammatical terminology,
especially if the terminology comes from differing linguistic models.  I
have often wished I were fluent enough in Greek to discuss Greek in Greek. 
I believe the *best* way to discuss a language is in its own terms.  But
meanwhile, I want to echo Moon's appreciation for the insights you provide
as a mother-tongue speaker of Greek.

And thank you for clarifying "analytical."

glenn blank
Pensacola FL

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