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> First, why is AKOUW not the "expected" verb to complete the purpose clause?
> How can anyone know what verb to "expect" in a purpose clause? What verb
> SHOULD we expect? Since AKOUW may be subjunctive, what is there to keep us
> from construing it with hINA? Construing as I have done makes perfect sense:
> "Only conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that
> ... I may hear about your situation [as those who ARE conducting themselves
> in such a manner], that you are standing firm in one spirit, etc." His
> purpose in exhorting them to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the
> gospel is that he may hear a good report about those things that accompany
> or comprise living in such a manner, whether he hears it personally in their
> presence or from sources in his absence. Rhetorically, this is a challenge
> from a leader to those whom he leads not to let him down.

OK.  You got me there.  I should not have said "the expected verb" but rather 
"the expected form."  I would have expected another participle.  Construing 
it as you do may make perfect sense (I do not deny that), but that doesn't 
mean that is what we have before us.  It seems that what we have is a 
contrast between "coming and seeing" and "being absent and I hear."  These 
constitute a sort of parenthesis before the result (introduced by hOTI) is 
reached.  The whole - both the parenthesis with the EITE . . . EITE clause 
and the result clause introduced by hOTI constitute the purpose which is 
completely achieved in STHKETE, "that you may stand . . ."  The point of the 
EITE . . . EITE clause is that it doesn't matter whether it is his personal 
observation or the report that he hears - he wants them to stand.  I agree 
that he does not want them to let him down - which desire they will satisfy 
by standing.

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