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Fri Mar 22 07:08:01 EST 2002

I have found that FineReader does a great job for montonic (only accute) Greek but it really doesn't know what to do for polytonic Greek (Classical or Koine).  For this, Anagnostis is supposed to be the best there is.  Unfortunately, the demo for Anagnostis disables it's OCR abilities, so you can test everything EXCEPT how accurate it is.  They do provide example graphics and the resulting documents and if what they are saying is correct, it looks very very good indeed.  The downside is that Anagnostis is rather expensive.  They do have good discounts for academics and for clergy.

Brent Hudson

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On 22/03/02  Wieland Willker wrote:

>I came across an advertisement for FineReader 6 which seems to be the best
>OCR program currently available?
>I downloaded the trial version and checked it out on a quite bad photocopy
>of Tischendorf's Vaticanus text. The outcome was really good (compared to
>earlier tests)! A text with two pages gave an error roughly every six
>This is worth checking.
>Unfortunately I don't have the time to scan full texts atm. :-)
>Here you can download the trial version (15 hours):
>For Greek you have to download also the additional Greek language file.
>Best wishes
>    Wieland
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