Bock, Darrell L. Blasphemy and Exaltation in Judaism

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Mon Mar 18 11:50:11 EST 2002

I will just note that I did read this some time ago, and
was somewhat disappointed. Perhaps it was over my head.

Mark Wilson

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>Book Notice
>Check your favorite remainders outlet for:
>Bock, Darrell L. Blasphemy and Exaltation in Judaism: The Charge Against
>Jesus in Mark 14:53-65 Baker, 2000 Paper Back. New. 285 pp
>Looks like a good study by the guy who did the massive work on Luke.   Note
>that both Hebrew/Greek both required to read this book.
>Clayton Stirling Bartholomew
>Three Tree Point
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>Additional note to those with old eyes (like mine) Baker set this up too
>small and the Greek and unpointed Hebrew are a little difficult to read. 
>English body text is ok
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