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Yes, Carl, from your point of view all those examples are truly
instances of metathesis. They just don't match the request I was
given, and so I was trying to dig for what my colleague was really
looking for. I did check those passages in Smyth just now, and I think
you've hit his only two examples that pretty well match what I was
asked about. I say "pretty well," because Smyth qualifies the AR / RA
transposition as not truly of the same kind, given the semi-vocalic
nature of R, and both these examples involve RA.

I rather doubt there's been much on the list about this question;
tomorrow I can check today's digest and then drop the matter, since
it's at best tangential to the list's purposes. I don't find any
occurrences of TERPW or compounds in the NT at all (I presume
EUTRAPELIA is from that root; TRAPEZA I would guess to be from
TREF/TROF?) QARSOS I find in Acts 28:15, but I don't have any evidence
before me that any of the mss read QRASOS (perhaps that form fell out
of use by then?). So I'm quite content to drop the question at this

But if you come across any juicy examples I can pass along to my
colleague, I'll appreciate it. Since this is going onto the list, I'll
refrain from chit-chat. Aklso supper is calling, or is it my stomach
that's calling for supper?

Blessings! (Acts 3:26)

Randy Leedy

>>> "Carl W. Conrad" <cwconrad at> 03/15/02 04:42PM
At 1:16 PM -0500 3/15/02, Randy Leedy  wrote:
>Carl, you know I'm always working in great haste. I do see in one
>your previous posts that you gave ETARPON and ETRAPON as
>aorists; that one works. I shouldn't have missed it. May I plead 
>a slight mitigation in my culpability for inattention, though? It
>appears to me to be your only "valid" example (measuring validity
>terms of what I was looking for), put last in a list of other
>the "invalidity" of which conditioned me to overlook the last one.
>Where did you mention QARSOS and QRASOS in your earlier messages? Am
>blind? Perhaps, especially if blindness can be produced by haste.
>I will make it a point to get over to the Library and see Smyth
>I can see now that he DOES have at least some examples of the kind
>thing I am looking for. Thanks for the help, and accept my apology
>my contribution to the testiness of our exchange.

I'm sorry, Randy. I thought I had mentioned QARSOS/QRASOS earlier,
evidently I didn't; as I recollect there are others in Homer and in
dialect too, but I'm finding that instant recall is no longer
with me--if it ever was. I really think there are more like this.

And I'm sorry for my bad temper; it did seem to me that those
instances of
metathesis involving noun and verb forms are part and parcel of the
working of metathesis, inasmuch as in Greek it's usually a matter of
that can readily switch from one side to the other of liquids and

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