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At 9:31 PM +0800 3/14/02, Robert Meyers wrote:
>> Also, has the list ever considered picking a book >of the NT to 'read
>> Much appreciated,
>> Andrew Jackson
>I would surely love to see Andy's idea here carried out.  It would be a
>great thing for us babes on the list, I think.
>Could I suggest especially the Gospel of John and/or the LXX of Genesis?

I think it's questionable whether those engaged in this sort of enterprise
could restrict themselves tightly to matters concerning the Biblical Greek
text: we don't do theology and textual criticism, and exegesis is made
difficult by the very broad range of hermeneutical, critical assumptions
that list-members bring to bear upon the Biblical text. So long as we keep
the focus on the Biblical Greek text and language we are more likely to be
able to be helpful to each other.

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