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>> Help!
>> I have been reading Genesis in the LXX expanding my vocabulary and
>> understanding of structure with the help of a couple lexicons.  I have come
>> opun a form which I cannot find in the lexicins though.  If anyone could
>> enlighten me on this on I will greatly appreciate it.  It is
>> looks like aorist middle indicative, but I'm not finding the form or the
>> possible roots that make sense to me.  Could someone give me clue on this?
>Hi Dale:
>The appropriate entry in LEH has ELATTONOW or ELASSONOW meaning in the
>active "to diminish" and in the passive "to be diminished." In Gen 8.3 the
>form is 3rd sing. imperf. pass. ind.
>If you are out there, Dr. Wheeler, the lemma needs to be corrected in the
>LXX module. Accordance has ELATTONEW, "to receive less, be in need."

LSJ has two different verbs, both of which would produce the imperfect
middle 3d sg. HLATTONOUTO (since E + O and O + O both contract to -OU-).
While one can't overgeneralize about contract-verb types, it's true that
-EW verbs are often intransitive, -OW verbs often causative. Both
verb-forms are obviously based on the comparative of MIKROS, Attic

elatton-eô , receive less, LXX Ex.16.18; but, give less, ib.30.15.
2.  waste, be consumed, ib.3 Ki.17.16; to be missing, defective,
PMagd.26.12 (iii A.D.).
3.  Med., lack, want, ib.11.22.

elatton-oô , diminish, LXXPr. 14.34, al.:--Pass., ib.Ge.8.3, 18.28.

Looks like sometimes we really do get into pretty arcane stuff.

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