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The Logos version of the "NT Greek Insert" has quite a few typographical errors in the paradigms.  Since helping with the pardigms is a large part of the Insert's purpose, this electronic resource could prove frustrating to a beginning student.  

I have sent emails to Logos Research Systems / Libronix about these errors but to my knowledge, it has not yet been corrected.

Brent Hudson

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On 14/03/02  Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

>At 15:55 14/03/02, Polycarp66 at aol.com wrote:
>>Some time back someone wanted to know where they might obtain Chapman's
>>_Greek New Testament Insert_.  This snail-mail address may prove useful
>There is an electronic edition, working under the Logos system, for:
>$4.95 -
><<<<<REVIEWS  - Chapman, Benjamin
>Chapman & Shogren. This is a book on Koine (Koy-nay) Greek grammar (the 
>spoken Greek of the NT period, and the Greek used in the New Testament). 
>The insert is clearly designed to be an aid to the reader/exegete of the 
>Greek New Testament. The nature of the insert is not necessarily lexical
>morphological, rather it strives to educate the user regarding grammatical 
>and syntactical issues faced by the student of the Greek New Testament and 
>Koine Greek in general. The insert is a tremendous complement to the Greek 
>lexicons, texts, and morphology.>>>>>>
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