Acts 14:1

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Thu Mar 14 09:12:30 EST 2002

This if for those who want to use Accordance, but whose budget cannot manage a platform change.  BasiliskII is a free source/freeware 68k Mac Emulator for the PC that will run the 68k version of Accordance.  Since System 7.5 is free from Apple, the only cost is the Mac ROM (around $25 US for an old 68k Mac) and the Accordance program.  

Obviously, it is not as nice a recent model Mac but it works well and it allows PC users to access the power of Accordance at a reasonable cost.

Brent Hudson

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On 13/03/02  Steven Lo Vullo wrote:

>on 3/13/02 3:00 AM, Jack Stewart at jack_stewart_ at wrote:
>> Hello -
>> I am having some difficulty with Acts 14:1 and was wondering if anyone
>> any ideas on....
>> 1) how to best translate (and the precise function of) KATA TO AUTO near
>> beginning of the verse and,
>> 2) why two aorist infinitives are used later in the verse (LALhSAI and
>Hi Jack:
>Were you wondering about any possible significance of the *aspect* of the
>infinitives, or about their syntactical *function* in the sentence?
>Steven Lo Vullo
>Madison, WI
>slovullo at
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