Acts 14:1

Jack Stewart jack_stewart_ at
Thu Mar 14 03:00:05 EST 2002

Dear All,

Thanks so much for all the references and thoughts regarding KATA TO AUTO - 
very helpful!  Regarding the 3 infinitives, I was trying to find the exact 
grammatical 'term' (if there is one) that indicates this use of EGENETO with 
the three aorist infinitives.

Many thanks,

Jack Stewart

Oxford, U.K.

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>on 3/13/02 3:00 AM, Jack Stewart at jack_stewart_ at wrote:
> >
> > Hello -
> >
> > I am having some difficulty with Acts 14:1 and was wondering if anyone 
> > any ideas on....
> >
> > 1) how to best translate (and the precise function of) KATA TO AUTO near 
> > beginning of the verse and,
> >
> > 2) why two aorist infinitives are used later in the verse (LALhSAI and
>Hi Jack:
>Were you wondering about any possible significance of the *aspect* of the
>infinitives, or about their syntactical *function* in the sentence?
>Steven Lo Vullo
>Madison, WI
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