Acts 14:1

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Wed Mar 13 11:36:09 EST 2002

I have a slightly different take on the function of KATA TO AUTO in Acts
14.1.  When I first looked at it, it struck me as meaning something like "in
the same way.'  I.e. in the same way the went into the synagogue like they
did previously in their previous stop.  But flipping through my 2nd line
Thayers, it lists 'KATA TO AUTO' as meaning 'together' in their entry for
AUTOS (III.1).  I am not sure I buy that but that's what it says.

The infinitives are a little more straight forward.  They are linked to


I can't quote to you an exact grammatical name for that but I am pretty sure
that is what is happening.  You need the context to know who is doing what
with regard to the infinitives.

Chuck Tripp
Kodiak Alaska
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> Hello -
> I am having some difficulty with Acts 14:1 and was wondering if anyone has
> any ideas on....
> 1) how to best translate (and the precise function of) KATA TO AUTO near
> beginning of the verse and,
> 2) why two aorist infinitives are used later in the verse (LALhSAI and
> Many thanks!
> Jack Stewart
> Oxford, UK
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