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>I'm new to b-greek, and in Greek 2 at New Orleans Baptist Theological 
>Seminary.  I plan to get an MDiv in Advanced Biblical Studies from 
>Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to be a Bible translator or Bible 
>study and discipleship materials translator.

>I am planning to buy some Bible software in the next few weeks, and would 
>like recommendations. I am thinking that BibleWorks looks the best for what 
>I want to do, but I know Logos has just released Original Languages 
>software.  I know that BibleWorks gives free updates forever, but the 
>ability to add more stuff at will is cool with Logos or a STEP program.  Any 
>suggestions or recommendations?

I've been using BibleWorks for several years now and have been very 
pleased with it.  I think Logos software can be used profitably along 
with BibleWorks 5.0.  I like the way BW allows one to move the cursor 
over a Greek word and see the definition and parsing information as 
well as notes from different English versions.  I'm also quite fond of 
the ability to perform multi-translation searches with one command.  
Does anyone know if Logos can do this?  Anyway, if you're interested 
strictly in a Bible tool, BW 5.0 is the way to go, but if you're 
interested in other works of the ancient world, you might want to 
invest in Logos too.

Good luck and God bless.

>Michelle Vetter

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