Destroy and Abolish

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Sun Mar 10 00:47:24 EST 2002

Louw & Nida categorize KATARGEW as follows:

13.100 LUW, KATALUW and KATARGEW: to cause to cease to exist - 'to caus
to come to an end, to cause to become nothing, to put an end to.'

13.163 KATARGEW: to cause to cease to happen - 'to put a stop to.'

76.26 KATARGEW: to render ineffective the power or force of something -
'to invalidate, to abolish, to cause not to function. (Eph. 2:15)

They also list the middle/passive/deponent KATARGEOMAI as follows:

37.136 KATARGEOMAI: to cause the release from an association with a
person or an institution on the basis that the earlier obligation or
restriction is no longer relevant or in force - 'to be freed, to be

13.162 KATARGEOMAI: to cease to happen - 'to no longer take place, to

They categorize KATALUW as follows:

20.54 KATALUW, KAQAIREW, KAQAIRESIS/-EWS: to destroy completely by
tearing down and dismantling - 'to destroy, to tear down, destruction.'

20.55 KATALUW: to destroy completely the efforts or work of someone else
- 'to destroy, to ruin utterly.'

13.100 (see above under KATARGEW)

76.23 KATALUW: to completely invalidate something which has been in
force - 'to do away with, to invalidate, to make invalid' (Matt. 5:17)

34.61 KATALUW: to experience the hospitality of someone, with principal
focus upon lodging - 'to be a guest.' (Luke 19:7; 9:12). I would guess
this "odd" definition of KATALUW has to do with the noun KATALUMA/-TOS
meaning "inn" or "room."

Eric S. Weiss

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