Translation of YUCH in 3John 1:2

J.L. Creemers jelle_creemers at
Fri Mar 8 15:33:57 EST 2002

I am searching for a correct translation of YUCH in 3John 1:2.  Normal translations of YUCH in Johannine and other literature would be either ‘life’ or ‘soul’, but both seem strange in the context.  If translated by ‘soul’, SOU hH YUCH would be actually a synonym of the preceding SE, and then KAQWS would not fit in the sentence.  The translation by ‘life’ seems not logical either.  Who has any suggestions?  
Or is it possible that John points to the total person of Gaius in PERI PANTWN, and that he hopes his body (SE) will be healthy, just as his soul (SOU hH YUCH) is getting along well?

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